The 1º E.S.O C/D class
 The 1º ESO C/D class interview the new Language Assistant, Mathew James Feeterby, at I.E.S Pérez de Ayala.

What´s your name?

Matthew James Feeterby

Where are you from?

I am from Coventry, England.

Where did you study?

I studied in Leicester, English Language and English Literature at university.

What were your favourite subjects at school?

At school, I liked English Literature and P.E.

Were you a good student?

I was mostly a good student. I struggled in Design, Technology and French, but I was good at English, Math and Science. I really didn´t get into trouble at school.

Do you speak any other foreign languages?

I speak English and some Spanish but I would like to learn more languages.

What is the best memory of your childhood?

I remember my first football match I went to. I was Coventry versus West Ham. Coventry won 1I remember celebrating the goal with my Dad and older brother, Chris. I also remember scoring a goal for my Primary school team. I think it was the only goal I ever scored!

Did you practise any sports at school?

At school, I played football and cross-country running.

Do you support any football team?

I support any players who play for Coventry City, my favourite team. I also like watching Spanish football but I don´t have a real favourite team.

Is it your first time in Asturias?

I visited Asturias for the first time last year. My first visit was to Gijón, and then I came to Oviedo. I like Asturias a lot.

What surprised you the most about Asturias?

The rain was the most surprising thing about the northen Spain. We think “the rain in Spain falls on the plane”, but it isn´t true!

Do you prefer the north or the south of Spain?

I prefer the north of Spain because I have visited some beautiful places here. I don´t know the south so well.

Have you visited many places in Asturias?

Yes, I like LLanes very much .It´s a beautiful place with lovely beaches.

Where else have been in Spain?

I have visited Santander, Bilbao, Salamanca and many more. I love to travel. The Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela was amazing.

What is your favourite Spanish food?

I love “tortilla” and spicy “patatas bravas

Do you like our traditional desserts?

I love “arroz con leche”. It´s delicious!

Why do you prefer to teach teenagers instead of children?

I like working with teenagers, they say interesting things!

Do you like being a teacher? Where else did you teach?

I taught in two universities. Last summer I worked on a summer school at the University of Leicester.

Will you definitely be a teacher or will you try a different job?

I hope I will be a teacher. I can´t think of another job I would like to do.

What do you think about our class?

The class has a very good English level, I am impressed! Also you have a very good attitude and are hard-working, keep it up!

Did you spend Christmas at home?

Yes, it was very nice to see my family after three months away.

Are there any traditions about New Year´s Eve different to ours?

We don´t eat the grapes for New Year, but we sing an old Scottish song called “Auld Lang Syne”, .It´s hard to remember the words.

What do you miss most about your country?

I miss my dog the most.

Have you thought about your future? Will you go back to England?

In the future I might stay in Spain or go back to England. Either way, I would like to be a teacher.








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